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India’s online food delivery market is expected to reach $7.5 - $8 billion (Rs 58,000 Cr) by 2022. That’s a whopping 200% growth from $4 billion in 2020.


Over the last five years, food delivery companies like Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats have witnessed tremendous growth with huge revenues.


But have the restaurants listed on these platforms grabbed higher sales?

Unfortunately, no.

There are only a few restaurants that have been able to ride on this huge revenue-generating journey. The others are left to battle high costs, losses, poor sales, and more challenges.

Is your restaurant or cloud kitchen also facing tough times?

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Top reasons why some restaurants are still struggling to take the leap, grow their food delivery business and leverage the power of this high-growth industry:

  • Poor understanding of how to sell powerfully on Swiggy & Zomato.

  • Lack of awareness of customer behaviour and how to grab customer attention and get high click rates

  • Traditional methods of promoting dine-in do not work Online. This is a fast-paced game played with the right offers, powerful keywords, smart pricing, and many other strategies.

  • Restaurant owners are often unaware of the insider tips and tricks that can be used to boost food delivery sales.

  • Intense competition in every cuisine, category, and market. How do you make your brand stand out?


Many restaurants have an incredible dine-in experience, but the ongoing Covid pandemic has led to a huge demand for online food delivery while dine-in has dropped. Customers now need you to bring your delicious food to the comforts of their home through online food delivery via Swiggy and Zomato.

But many restaurant owners lack the tools to crack the online delivery!

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The online food delivery business is on a huge growth, and it will continue to grow massively and double in the next two years. If you’re not changing your game and adapting to the changing customer demands, you’re going to be left behind soon.

We want to make the confusing and frustrating business of online food delivery easy for you by teaching you the insider techniques to generate massive online sales and grow your profits by 200-500%. Learn how to:

  • Attract more customers: Learn the strategies to make your restaurant the number one choice amongst the hundreds of brands. 

  • Establish brand loyalty: Deliver an amazing and memorable experience and establish a long-term relationship with every customer. 

  • Manage operational costs: Keep the operational costs of rent, electricity, equipment, staff salary, and more to the bare minimum and enjoy a higher turnover. 

  • Boost your business: Boost your online sales on Swiggy and Zomato by more than 5x and see your food business THRIVE

  • Fulfil your dream: Grow your restaurant business with reduced risk and operating expenses. Be the successful restaurateur you always wanted to be.

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Boost your restaurant, 5X your sales in 3 months, get an expert understanding of how this industry works, and learn the most powerful strategies and techniques!

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What will you learn in our Powerful Online Food Delivery Workshop?



    Learn proven & powerful strategies to increase your online food delivery sales by 200% to 500%. Effective techniques on how to make your Menu and Brand Page grab customer attention through the right keywords, images, smart pricing and other techniques.​


    What is a menu - a simple list of dishes with prices? Absolutely not. Your restaurant Menu online is the most powerful tool on which every word and every detail can make or break a sale! Consumers will spend hardly 10-20 seconds on your Menu before they decide to place an order or jump to another restaurant. Learn the most compelling techniques to grab attention and get the order!


    Learn how to extract maximum revenue and profit from existing kitchen equipment and staff while creating additional streams of revenue from your kitchen through virtual brands, category expansion and other profit-generating techniques.


    “They say we eat with our eyes.” And with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, consumers are pulled towards food pictures. Master the art of developing an attractive menu with the right keywords, amazing pictures, and the right pricing for your dishes. 


    Setting the right price for each dish is a science that requires a deep understanding of consumer psyche, competition, trends, and how online delivery channels work. Learn how to command competitive prices, increase conversion and make each dish profitable. In this workshop, you will learn valuable insights into smart pricing tactics.

Learn powerful techniques and strategies to boost your online food delivery sales and more from a leading industry expert.


MEET your coach

Ex-Director, Swiggy, CA & Ivy Leauge MBA, Restaurateur

Mitali Kalra is a highly accomplished corporate professional with 15 years of experience working with the world’s leading companies in India, Dubai, the US and Singapore. As an investment banker, she led deals of $200-400 million, and as a Corporate Strategy professional, she has led the turnaround of Snapdeal’s 1200 Cr Supply Chain and led the Brand Innovation of Swiggy’s Cloud Kitchens.

Throughout her career, Mitali’s biggest passion has been to transform losses into profits and failures into successes. In 2012, she established one of Delhi’s first Health Food Cafes, Crostini, with a highly successful delivery model, with customer repeat rates of 20 orders per month!

During her stint as Head - Brand Strategy at Swiggy, she led the Sales & Innovation for Swiggy’s Cloud Kitchens, leading the growth of popular brands like The Bowl Company, Homely, Breakfast Express, and drove more than 300 crores of sales. She has also worked with leading Indian and Global F&B players to optimize their restaurant for delivery and launch exciting new brands.

Mitali’s journey as a restaurant entrepreneur has given her a deep understanding of the challenges and struggles of running a food business. 

She is now bringing her vast knowledge and many years of experience in Food delivery, Restaurants, E-commerce and Finance to help restaurant owners, cloud kitchen owners, and Foodpreneurs identify and overcome the roadblocks to growth.

Mitali is passionate to share her knowledge and support entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dream of running a successful online food business.

Mitali kalra

Revenue of India’s Online Food Delivery Segment is projected to reach over INR 58,000 crores by 2022.
But high valuations of the industry don’t guarantee profitability and success for your business unless you know how to do it right. 
If you feel that your restaurant/cloud kitchen is not able to leverage the benefits of this boom, you are not alone. 80% of restaurants shut down in their second year of operation. The new space of online delivery and cloud kitchen is even tougher to crack! 
By learning the most precise techniques and strategies, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how to grow your online food delivery on Swiggy and Zomato by 200-500%.
Recover your losses, build a strong brand which consumers will remember, launch multiple brands and income streams from one kitchen!


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What will you learN IN OUR WORKSHOP?

Boost click rates and checkouts , discover how you can boost the click                rate  on your menu and brand page  and make sure customers don't leave        your page and go to any other restaurant 

Gain a deep understanding  of your brand positioning and how to make it        sharper and stronger to create a powerful food brand

Know how you can create a menu with the right selection of dishes ,                  relevant keywords and pricing techniques to using consumer phsycology

How to booost your customer ratings , it can make or break a                                restaurant's online reputation and have huge impact on orders. Learn              how ro improve ratings

Reduce food cost , learn the scientific approach on how to estimate food           cost for each dish and each category on your menu

Reduce food cost , learn the scientific approach on how to estimate food           cost for each dish and each category on your menu

Starting a food business is easy. However, running it profitably, growing the business, and continuously adapting to changing customer behaviour and new industry trends is tougher than ever! 

If you’re all set to double your revenues in just a few months, make your food delivery a lucrative source of income, come join us and learn powerful strategies from an industry expert.

Join us for the Boost Your Food Delivery Workshop, take your restaurant delivery business to the next level!


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